Blog for AUA!

AUA welcomes new contributors to our blog. Blog posts should be in line with the Mission & Vision of the organization and follow the following guidelines:


The goal of the AUA blog is to serve an an educational tool that is applicable to Chicago’s urban agriculture community. Examples of articles might be: Recipes for home-grown vegetables, tips for urban growing, reports from a workshop related to urban agriculture, reports on current research, reports on urban ag practices, profiles on projects and relevant policy issues in Chicago and elsewhere.


Blogs should have a title, subtitle, and body. The body of the blog should be 300-1500 words in length. There should be at least one image with the blog post.

AUA staff reserve the right to edit the article for grammar and length. Final changes will be confirmed with the author of the article.


All content from other sources should be cited in footnotes, or by linking to the source in the blog article. Images should be cited as well if not original work of the blog author.

What to Avoid

The AUA blog should not primarily serve to endorse or promote products, political candidates, businesses, organizations, campaigns, projects, fundraisers, or events from groups other than AUA.

Blog posts should also avoid job and volunteer advertisements – please submit those to for inclusion in our website’s job and volunteer listings.

No profanity, slander, or lewd content.


If you are interested in submitting a blog post, please write to AUA at with the topic you would like to write on, or informing us if you would like to be assigned an article to contribute.  AUA will respond with approval of the topic.

We invite bloggers to submit multiple posts, but no more than one post per week per blogger will be posted.

AUA reserves the right to not post an article if we deem it to not accurately represent AUA or be in line with the AUA blog guidelines and mission of the organization.