About AUA

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AUA is a coalition of individuals, organizations and businesses working to support and expand sustainable agriculture in the Chicago area, from home- and community-based growing to market gardens and small farms.

The group meets quarterly and maintains an array of working groups dedicated to pursuing AUA’s mission through advocacy, outreach and resource sharing, with AUA’s Board of Directors acting as its governing body.

Our goal is to make this website a comprehensive hub for projects, activities, information, resources, and opportunities in urban agriculture.  As the website grows in tandem with this burgeoning movement, take a look around, and be sure to join as a Member of AUA (free!) if you support what we’re doing.  We also encourage you to join AUA’s Google Group; with over 2,300 members, it’s a great place to connect with Chicago’s urban agriculture community!

AUA is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.